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The Makelsan UPS – A world-class Option for Back-up Power

It is likely that few people appreciate the value of a power supply that is free of interruptions than South Africans. Plagued by technical problems with Eskom’s ailing generation and distribution infrastructure, and the need to enforce savings through the scheduled outages of mains power known as rolling blackouts, the nation’s need for emergency power sources has grown steadily. While, for some, the solution may be a backup generator, others prefer a quieter option from the prestigious Makelsan UPS range.

With more than 40 years in the power industry, this leading European manufacturer, which headquarters are located in Istanbul, offers uninterruptible power solutions with products designed to manage loads from a modest 650VA to a massive 8MW. Specialising in tailored solutions, the company provides world-class back-up options for use in multiple environments, ranging from homes and small offices to major industries.

Among the more specialised locations in which the company’s products have proven to be particularly suitable are banks, data centres, and hospitals. In light of the growing reliance on digital equipment in healthcare, a Makelsan UPS offers far more than emergency lighting and climate control – it can actually save lives.

Just as hospitals depend on power, so do banks, insurance companies, other financial services, and dedicated data centres that now handle mission-critical information on behalf of various third-parties. It is not hard to visualise the extent of the damage that might arise in the event of a power failure due to the ensuing loss or corruption of crucial data. While a disaster recovery system may be intended to provide a back-up source in such circumstances, it could be affected by the same outage, unless sufficiently distant. Once again, Makelsan offers a choice of reliable UPS products that are able to protect companies against the potentially devastating consequences of an unexpected mains failure.

On a small scale, the units are designed to provide sufficient battery power to keep equipment operating as long as it may be necessary for a home PC user or an office worker to power his or her devices down safely, without the risk of damage or data loss. The larger the back-up unit installed, the more devices it will be able to power and the longer it can sustain their operation.

Among the industrial users, such as pharmaceutical companies, oil and gas companies, and automotive manufacturers, it is rarely data that will require protection. Instead, a Makelsan UPS installation offers a means to prevent interruptions to their production, damage to equipment, and the considerable financial losses arising from unscheduled downtime.

One of the less obvious applications in which these devices play an important role is transportation. A constant supply of electricity is essential to operate railway signalling and switching systems. At airports and on major highways, large electronic displays have now become an essential tool with which to relay flight information, route directions, and safety warnings to passengers and drivers. These are two uses that have made a Makelsan UPS the preferred choice for airport companies and those responsible for highway management in many countries.

The effects of power outages can also pose a threat to our entertainment. Imagine the reaction of players and spectators at an evening match in the FIFA World Cup Series if the floodlights were to fail. Elsewhere, where people gather to be entertained, smoke detectors, automatic sprinklers, alarms, and other safety systems are only effective as long as they are receiving electricity. In such locations, a reliable means to guarantee back-up power in an emergency, and to ensure public safety, is invariably a mandatory requirement.

There are few organisations in South Africa with more knowledge of backup systems and their design than PacB Group. Our extensive range of reliable on-site power solutions includes the versatile Makelsan UPS units.

Our qualified technicians offer support and advice in the selection of the right power solution for your needs by calculating your power requirements.

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