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Thinking Generators in Pretoria? Think PacB

Whether you are in Pretoria looking for generators or elsewhere in the country, you are not alone! If they handed out global awards for the generator nation of the year, South Africa would always be a strong contender! We can send an Eskom official up on stage to collect the trophy. They have become essential hardware for anyone hoping to keep the lights on, be that a residential homeowner or commercial concern. It is hard to say what percentage of annual GDP is powered by generators in this country, but you can bet your last Kruger Rand it is sizeable. Indeed, when you throw in the agriculture sector (and their diesel field machines as a special consideration), South Africa’s economy is heading off-grid.

At PacB, we know this, because we have built a whole lot of the industrial generators operating in the land right now. We are based in Pretoria, so if you are thinking “generators in Pretoria”, you need to know that one of the very top generator companies in SA is on your doorstep. PacB is more than just a company that sells generators.

We are a Silvertondale-based collective of electrical engineering experts who have met and even exceeded the quality of manufacture for any global brand. Indeed, we make components for most major generator brands, precisely because of the quality of our workmanship at the price. That last one is an important point. We are affordable, and we have tailored our services in design and manufacturing to demonstrate the value we bring for the price we ask. We know our value and we are happy to demonstrate it to our clients, because we are intimate with design and build costs, running costs, and maintenance costs.

We also understand the savings element of generators, where clients want to recoup their outlay either through avoided electricity bills, or because of the competitive advantage being always-on is today.

There Is No Bottom Rung with Combustion Engines

You do not want generators failing on you, especially large industrial generators that represent a substantial capital outlay. The industrial generators of Pretoria and indeed SA are precision machines, which is why PacB is operating at the very highest levels of engineering and electrical intelligence – our control panels are becoming legendary too.

It is because we work to such exacting standards that our clients will not suffer a burnt-out machine or other issues of fatigue and under-performance. It is because burnout and or other running issues would be a wholesale failure of standby power that we have made it our art form to produce nothing but the smartest and most cost-effective generator technology and equipment. Rather than simply import branded generators from abroad, we have spearheaded South African manufacturing in the arena, and in fact produced such superior workmanship that those same brands now often buy their components from us.

There really is no bottom rung with combustion engines, and the inner workings of the engine inside a generator is a most exacting environment. “Good enough” might be an alright engine for a motorised rickshaw, but when you need to generate electrical power from the average diesel generator, that engine and overall composition had better be running in its sweet spot. Backup power cannot fail – that is the reality we work under at PacB, that is the level we produce and perform at. It is not boastful, it is professional, and an acknowledgement that nothing but sleek, smart machinery will do when it comes to generators. The engine needs to be the epitome of combustion technology’s abilities, and the overall electrical generating efficiency must be the best it can be. That is the way generators perform over the long term, and that is the way clients run the most cost-effective standby power solution possible.

Pretoria’s Industrial Generators Are State of the Art

It is understandable that South Africans shopped for bottom-dollar generators here in Pretoria and every major city in the country when Eskom first started failing. It was a grudge purchase after all, and your new toy was thirsty too, for diesel! It took South Africans at least a year or three to accept that Eskom was not going to bounce back, but rather that it was likely to get a lot worse before it got better. Both because of consumer price aversion and opportunistic salesmen, a load of junk was palmed off as suitable generators before everyone had gone through the learning curve and become able to identify their honest needs of a generator, and also distinguish between quality and the rest. Certainly, when it comes to industrial generators, quality really is of the utmost importance.

No company making lousy generators for industrial application stays in business long. The stakes are high when you have to power a farm, a mine, or even the several square kilometres of a massive utility. That is not the time to be hoping your standby power solution will work, nor the time for any supplier to be going through a learning curve. There is always innovation in PacB’s designs, of course, but innovation is not guesswork, it is always an improvement, by definition. Today, most industrial concerns around Pretoria have generators to back up their power supply, and much of the city’s economy has maintained solely on that basis.

Call on PacB When You are Thinking Pretoria Generators

Our specialty at PacB is getting your industrial generator needs right first time around. That takes some consulting and design work, but the end results for our clients have made us a firm favourite. We service and maintain generators too, and we keep repairs to a minimum and lifespan to a maximum for our customers because of it.

We add value, and a lot of it too, which is why we enjoy long-term relationships with our clients. We take a personal interest in every installation, and we enjoy the regular servicing of our customers’ machines, because it allows us to keep them performing smoothly and efficiently. We get the big picture industries face in this country, and we design and build for SA’s climatic conditions and demands on performance. Call us first when you are in the market for a generator solution that will meet and exceed every need, and keep you running smoothly into the future.

Our qualified technicians offer support and advice in the selection of the right power solution for your needs by calculating your power requirements.

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