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To Avoid Power Supply Problems, Why Not Hire a Generator?

While, in many instances, a permanent solution intended to provide an emergency or backup power supply is essential, there are also occasions when the need is for a short-term, once-off solution, or perhaps where the need is temporary and only arises occasionally. Also, when considering the installation of a unit, it may not always be practical to purchase it outright. Although there is always the option of obtaining credit to make the purchase, the interest will add to the price. For these and various other reasons, many companies now choose to hire a generator instead.

Sometimes, meeting the initial purchase price may present an obstacle, but even the cost of ownership can often only be justified when these machines are used to the fullest extent possible. Where a machine is required purely in order to act as a backup during a period while one of those in routine use may need to be taken offline to perform scheduled inspections and preventative maintenance, the more cost-effective option might be to hire a generator during those periods of planned downtime when the need for backup power actually arises.

As mentioned previously, there are also occasions on which, in the absence of mains electricity, the need for a local source of power is important, but only for a limited period. One classic example is that of the construction industry, where some of the larger organisations are often engaged in multiple projects, in widely-dispersed locations at the same time. Rather than purchasing vast quantities of equipment, and taking on the expense and responsibility for maintaining it, the better option is to rent it as necessary. Many building contractors choose to hire a generator on those occasions when a mobile source of power may be needed.

The precise terms of a rental agreement may vary between different suppliers, but will often include installation, maintenance, and any repairs that might prove necessary, as well as the offer of a replacement unit if one should be required. In addition, the rental route offers the client a chance to choose the most suitable product for the proposed task, which might be a one-off project with its own unique requirements. Clearly, the purchase of such a specialised unit is unlikely to be a cost-effective option, providing one more sound reason for a financial director to recommend the hire of a generator rather than resorting to a capital purchase.

For a new installation, it can be especially important to ensure that every item of capital equipment acquired is suited to the task it is required to perform, and is of sufficient quality to guarantee long-term service. This is yet another situation in which hiring can be an invaluable option. While it may well be the intention of a company to purchase a given capital item, where hiring that item may be a possibility, this can provide the perfect means to determine just how effectively it actually performs under live conditions.

Thus, the decision to delay making a purchase, and to hire a generator for a trial period instead, could also be regarded as the perfect way to “try before you buy”. If the performance of the hired unit is seen as adequate, the purchase can proceed. If not, the trial run will have succeeded in exposing any shortfalls, and helped to determine the specifications of a machine that will fully meet the specific demands of the job.

Though the reasons to favour hiring are manifold, their relative importance tends to vary from company to company. However, one that could become important to almost any company with little forewarning to re-negotiate budgets, or jump through hoops to secure finance, is the unexpected. Generator hire could satisfy unforeseen demands by a valued client that might incur penalties if not met.

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