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UPS Installations Providing Seamless Switching Between Power Sources

South Africa’s national electricity supplier, Eskom, which had enjoyed a monopoly in its field since the company was established during the first half of the 1920s, functioned very well for many years – a fact which most South African citizens have either forgotten or never knew at all.

Regardless, the then stable electricity supply would remain so for decades. No one in the country would ever have imagined that they might one day require the installation of their own backup systems, which included a component known as uninterrupted power supply/source, also known by its abbreviated name, UPS. There had never been a need to consider supplementary power supply solutions.

No Longer Reliable

It was only in 2007 and 2008 that the reliability of South Africa’s electrical power supply changed, no longer being a well-maintained system with short-, medium- and long-term plans and actions for maintenance and expansion taking place. Likewise, Eskom’s reputation as a reliable supplier of very affordable electricity that seldom failed would be tarnished.

Load Shedding Enters the Nation’s Lexicon

Then, most unfortunately, although some say predictably, load shedding entered the country’s national lexicon and lifestyles. Commerce, industry, communications, banking, mining, manufacturing, service delivery – most of the modern conveniences that one takes for granted in the 21st century – were at risk.

Technical terms and words such as “UPS”, “generator”, “transformer”, “inverter”, “power surge” and “surge protection” became commonplace in everyday conversation, especially during power outages.

Purpose of UPS Installation

A UPS is primarily designed to adjust to power fluctuations and bridge the power gap or often minuscule break between the sudden, unexpected outage of mains power and the switchover to the battery/generator power of the alternative electricity supply system. It’s vital that UPS installations are done by experienced and competent technicians, since many modern technologies that function via electrical power are exceptionally sensitive to momentary power supply breaks or surges.

Potential repercussions are almost endless. Irretrievable data may be lost, equipment may be damaged or destroyed, and automated production may be interrupted. The consequences could be disastrous for people who are dependent on medical machines to keep alive, during surgical or diagnostic procedures in the medical field, and in the underground mining industry.

The entire South African economy was and is still impacted extremely negatively each time the lights go off, However, they’re renowned for making and executing innovative plans when adversity strikes, refusing to be daunted or defeated by the unfavourable circumstances and challenges of load shedding.

Consequently, safe and effective measures to ameliorate the effects of mains power outages are available throughout South Africa, providing that installation of required components and systems are left to the expertise of power supply professionals. Professional UPS installations are an integral part of the services offered by PacB Group, one of this country’s preferred power solution specialists.

No Half Measures

Never use a company that operates by taking short cuts or half measures, the PacB Group added another division to its stable – PacB Electech. Electech has assumed the responsibility for installations of the company’s products and power solutions, executing equipment checks and maintenance according to signed service level agreements, undertaking repairs, and monitoring of all the group’s products. This includes UPS units.

A UPS doesn’t operate in isolation. It’s therefore imperative that each UPS is matched correctly to the client’s power needs, and the rest of the set and its components before installation takes place – the very first step in securing optimal performance from the UPS.

Irrespective of whether your installation consists of a PacB UPS plus supporting PacB products or those manufactured and supplied by another concern, our technicians have the experience, knowledge, and skills to complete and commission any professional installation successfully.

PacB Electech personnel comply with all legal and industry electrical standards, ensuring that every power solution installation makes the grade and the clients’ expectation – an uninterrupted power supply when it really matters. In other words, lights-on, at all times.

Our qualified technicians offer support and advice in the selection of the right power solution for your needs by calculating your power requirements.

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