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Superior UPS and Monitoring Solutions by the PacB Group

During periods when a national electricity supplier experiences problems in providing an adequate amount of power to an area, region, or the entire country, words such as “generator”, “backup systems”, “batteries”. “inverters”, “emergency power”, and “uninterruptable power supply” (UPS) are frequently used by those in the know and others, who may be somewhat confused by these technologies and their functions.

Domestic and industrial electricity users – who are connected to the national grid – rely increasingly on generators to keep the lights on. The former installs compact petrol generators, whilst the latter utilise industrial diesel-powered units.

Both types of electricity consumers require a UPS to facilitate the seamless switchover from mains to generator and storage batteries. Smooth transition prevents problems occurring when sensitive equipment is in use. Monitoring the UPS’s function ensures that an alert is received, should any glitch occur.


Address and Avoid

Nevertheless, an unreliable electricity supply is not solely to blame. Power fluctuations and surges are also cause for concern when they occur, generally unexpectedly. However, UPS monitoring goes a long way to address and avoid such events.


Sensitive Technology

If or when vital processes are interrupted, resources, valuable time, and money are wasted. Essential equipment and technologies may break down or be damaged, possibly beyond repaid. In this era, when humans rely so extensively on precise, delicate technologies like electronic devices that are very sensitive to electricity fluctuations, measures should be put in place to allow essential processes and industrial scale production to continue without pause.


State-of-the-Art Solutions

The PacB Group offers sensible, state-of-the-art solutions to such challenges, which occur globally. Power interruptions, irrespective of causes, are by no means exclusive to the South-African landscape.


Monitoring Capabilities

As our website states: “PacB Power Solutions is renowned in the industry as a manufacturer of superior industrial diesel generators, UPS, cutting-edge renewable energy solutions, and reliable rental services.” Our UPS solutions feature power-management software, multiple communication ports and advanced communication capabilities, and more. These are invaluable in monitoring the performance of the UPS units.

It’s now also possible to monitor your UPS remotely by means of the latest technology that connects the monitoring component via a simple network management protocol (SNMP) card to your smartphone. If this  feature detects an abnormality, you’re alerted instantly.


UPS Solutions

PacB offers two types of UPS units with various capacities, from 1 kVA – single phase and above 10 kVA – the three-phase option, right up to and including 800 kVA. Customers also have the 3-phase-in and single- phase-out option.

We’re a significant supplier of the reputable Makelsan brand. This product is neutral and short-circuit protected, ensuring that interconnected equipment benefits from must-have overall protection. Some additional features are:


Axil 1-10 kVA

  • Single phase
  • Compact design
  • Digital signal processor (DSP) control
  • Wide input range with 0.9 output power factor
  • Dual input, applicable to 6-10 kVA, plus 1+1 parallel for the same power range
  • Extendable run time
  • Availability of interchangeable phases
  • Removable bypass and DB combination for zero downtime
  • Software that manages power
  • Multiple communication ports
  • Optional addition of SNMP and relay cards for effective efficiency, or a mimic panel option for convenient control, or a device that permanently communicates with our monitoring centre


Makelsan 10-800 kVA

  • Three phase
  • Advanced DSP control and battery management
  • Up to 93 % efficiency
  • Unlimited number of parallel modules may be added
  • Option to select battery numbers
  • Monitoring capabilities that include 500 real-time event logs, complete with detailed parameters and static and manual bypass operation
  • Capable of advanced communication options
  • Supplied as standard, inclusive of SNMP card and AS 400 for excellent remote monitoring functions


In the normal course of operation, PacB technicians will be able to assist telephonically with all UPS unit and monitoring queries. This results in another rapid turnaround time for you and your PacB power partner.

Our qualified technicians offer support and advice in the selection of the right power solution for your needs by calculating your power requirements.

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