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What Is the Big Deal with Perkins Generators?

Some things become known by their brand name even by those far outside of the industry and those who are not particularly looking to obtain them. Most homeowners know what a Rolls-Royce is, even though they would never even consider buying and owning one. And in many cultures, “Hoover” has become synonymous with vacuuming.

Similarly, while some homeowners might be at a loss here, many contractors and tradesmen know the name “Perkins” has a robust range of exceptionally strong generators. These products have overreached their target market, being known as robust machines by many who might never employ one. Just like most people know that Cuban cigars are the best in the world by popular consensus, so too do many understand that Perkins generators are top of the line in their field.

That kind of brand recognition is hard to emulate, because it stems from a marketplace legitimacy, and the superior performance that built that legitimacy. In short, just like Rolls-Royce, Ferrari, and Hoover, the name is known because of a tremendously effective application of Perkins generators to the endeavours of humanity. So, what makes a generator a good generator? Well, in the case of Perkins generators, it starts from the bottom up.

As a combustion engine, these machines are built for superior performance. The British might have been erratic automakers, as anyone who owned an old Land Rover and then bought a newer one a few years ago can tell you, but Perkins as a British brand has kept the flag flying high. The company has been a Caterpillar subsidiary for decades now (another robust name in hardworking machines), and the company was formed in 1932 in Peterborough, England. When you contemplate what it takes to stay at the top of your league for almost a century, you realise that there is something special about these machines.

Perkins is Home to Great Mechanical Architecture

For one thing, Perkins generators have experienced indulgent design and testing over the years, in order to stay at the head of the pack. They talk about a “purpose-built core” or “purposeful engine design”, and they are not kidding. While any combustion engine can, in theory, be adapted to generate electricity, Perkins generators have incorporated exceptional load acceptance, facilitated by tweaked injector flow rates, and a superb camshaft design, giving the machines great performance and long life. They deliver a higher power density and use, on average in their class, less fuel. Right there, that can tell you that Perkins generators are indeed purpose-built machines, as they have pursued and diminished or eliminated so many of the common user pain points over the years.

Perkins generators can incorporate performance-enhancing turbochargers, and their hi-tech engineering is matched by remote monitoring intelligence and many other user benefits. They also sport superior sealing technology, and the machines’ architecture has been subjected to thousands of hours of sustained use, in order to evaluate designs and improve upon them. Perkins are basically the Boeing of generators, dedicated wholeheartedly to mechanical performance and, when it comes to Perkins generators, smart electrical power generation.

The company has also focused on the ease with which their machines kick in when emergency power is needed. You might think that all generators are equal in this regard, but Perkins generators bring an ease of operation few others can match. Because of their success, they are now supported by a book of knowledge that details the machines’ operation in some of the world’s harshest environments, further allowing the tweaks and touches that make them the first choice for so many around the globe.

Building the Best Machines

Some products lead the way, not only for buyers looking for superior performance, but also for their industry. Hunter, Rain Bird, and Toro are global names in irrigation, for example, because of the extensive research and development that has aided their design. They represent the top end of irrigation components. Similarly, Perkins has dominated the generator market – if not in volume, definitely in performance.

There is likely a good market for a bumper sticker that says: “My other generator is a Perkins” – that is the kind of reputation their machines have gained. Running at high altitudes, in severe cold, or in tropical heat, the machines are engineered for longevity under all circumstances. That means they have an answer for localised difficulties, a setting, a strategy, for optimising performance regardless of prevailing weather, or geography. That is hard to beat as a common value addition.

Just like a luxury sedan, Perkins generators exhibit excellent damping, meaning vibrations from a running machine are dissipated using smart techniques for an overall smoother operation. Couple that with the advanced control system that comes standard with Perkins generators, and you have already stepped up several notches from alternative generators of the same capacity.

Their diesel models also incorporate emission control technologies. Do not forget, they need to meet far more stringent regulation in the EU and elsewhere than South Africa demands. The noise from a Perkins is also less, as their generators come with tailored exhausting for any given set. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach to noise reduction, Perkins have taken it upon themselves to glean the lowest decibels from any of their machines, and that means a model exhausting system that is low on noise and emissions.


Come to PacB First

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