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What You Should Expect from a Comprehensive Generator Service

There are a variety of reasons why homeowners, businesses, and industries may need to provide their own source of electricity. From the point of view of residents and small business owners, the main reason for this measure is the need to prepare themselves for the outages that are part of Eskom’s attempt to re-distribute its inadequate and ailing power reserves when the demands exceed the national provider’s output capacity.

When the rolling blackouts strike, the number of generators in service increases dramatically, as thousands of the nation’s consumers are forced to switch to emergency power for illumination, climate control, and entertainment, or simply to carry on trading.

In the case of the mining and construction industries, these machines play a far greater role. Frequently located in remote areas that are beyond the reach of the national network, they provide the sole source of the electricity that is required to power these operations.

In other cases, the role may simply be that of an auxiliary power source that is only required at times when the facility’s load demand exceeds the capacity of the mains supply. Whatever its role, keeping a generator in service, and functioning at peak efficiency, requires a programme of regular maintenance, which should be conducted by expert engineers.

So, just what should this kind of programme consist of? A conscientious supplier will aspire to enter into a supportive relationship with the client from the time of purchase. Even before this, a company might assist the client with a need assessment from which they can then determine the size and the number of machines required for the job.

Among the better suppliers, the next step might be to design and assemble a tailor-made genset, based on the established requirements, which may include a suitable control panel. Ideally, this preliminary generator service will also include the installation, ensuring full conformity with the prevailing safety requirements, as well as commissioning and training those who will be tasked with operating the installed machines.

Once the client’s in-house power source is running according to the promised specification, the supplier’s task is to provide any necessary spare parts and the expertise needed to ensure that it will continue to do so. The aim of the supplier should be to provide a fixed schedule of preventative maintenance, and not merely to repair or replace it if a breakdown occurs. Lost production can result in dire consequences for a producer’s bottom line. Given that purchasing a generator can be a costly exercise, a reliable service programme is, without doubt, the best possible way to ensure that you gain the maximum return on this investment.

While individual makes and models generally come with their own, specific requirements, all of them will require one or more visits to the site at pre-agreed intervals, during which the basic functions of the machine will be assessed, and the components that are most prone to wear and tear will be examined to determine whether an early replacement may be a wise move.

During a typical routine generator service inspection, the engineer might look at details, such as the level, pressure, and condition of the engine oil, as well as the temperature at various points in the cooling circuits. The machine will also be examined for any evidence of fluid leaks, and tests to confirm that the output voltage is as specified will also be essential. During the process, oil, fuel, and coolant filters may also be changed and, where applicable, the batteries in transfer switches may be replaced.

The more reliant on its on-site power a company is, the greater the need for a world-class product and a reliable generator support service. Offering service-level agreements for all type of domestic, commercial, and industrial power sources, including UPS and solar, PacB Group is a preferred supplier in South Africa.

Our qualified technicians offer support and advice in the selection of the right power solution for your needs by calculating your power requirements.

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