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Where Do You Go When Shopping for Generators for Sale?

Much like many other regulars of South African life, generators were always a low-key component in times past, mostly used by tradesmen and industry. Seldom would you encounter a generator at a home, and even those that were working daily were either hidden away on premises, or amongst the tool pile on a contractor’s bakkie. Boy, have things changed! Today, South Africa is at least partially run by generators, and without the power supply they give the economy today, who knows where we would be now. In fact, in comparison to many other African countries where they have long been a common source of power supply, South Africa now leads the field, at least when it comes to industrial scale generator solutions.

Eskom’s relatively sudden collapse, and the ensuing panic by business and homeowners alike to keep the lights on, threw everyone into generators at the deep end. Businesses typically did better with their initial purchases, but it is fair to say that a steep learning curve was climbed by millions of South Africans, as they shopped for a generator solution to Eskom’s crumbling. That allowed for many poor choices, often aided by innumerable “generator suppliers” who merely shipped in generators based largely on the price considerations of the local market, rather than actual utility. Others began manufacturing generators without any real legitimacy to be doing so. All in all, it is a moment of confusion and disappointment for the country, with people needing generators desperately to keep the wheels turning, but also unfamiliar with their true nature.


Choose Your Supplier Carefully When Looking for a Generator for Sale

That too has mostly now passed, thankfully, and a strong industry standard has emerged in SA, where today, no one needs to be naive about the costs and applications of generators. We have learned that just because the local corner hardware has generators for sale, it does not mean they are going to be suitable for our needs. Especially when you are shopping for industrial power from generators, it is crucial that a very finely tuned paradigm of operation accompanies you.

In other words, when you are looking at the available generators for sale in the country, you have to know exactly what you expect from your machine. No matter that the generator manufacturing and sales arena has matured today, it still seems there are too many occasions when people spend a lot of money on the wrong thing. A little bit of homework goes a long way when you are looking at an available generator for sale, new or used, because you will be able to spot the companies that are experts.

Ideally, you want to be talking to a supplier who knows these machines inside and out, because it is crucial that even seemingly small additional requirements you might have are extrapolated into any generator’s performance. For example, if you feel, as a homeowner let us say, that you would like to install a generator to regain a semblance of uninterrupted living, you will want it to (probably) be a silent generator, coming on intermittently as needed, and handling the whole of your house’s DB installation.

In other words, the generator has to power everything you now have wired up in your house. If perhaps you also want to pump sludge down at the dam sometimes or are fond of welding as a hobby on the weekend, those are important considerations that will impact the kind of generator you need. Those are flimsy examples, but the point is, the boffins will know. Their ears will prick when you outline your needs, and they will steer you in the right direction, because they know the machines’ abilities backwards.


How to Vet the Available Generators for Sale

Before you decide on where to shop, thanks to the internet, you can usually inspect a supplier online, and pretty accurately determine what you can expect from them. Real generator fundis are usually making them and might even be exporting parts to other countries too. When you find a generator maker, that is a good first step. It is pretty easy to see where a company fits into business from their online presence nowadays, and with even a half hour of searching, you will already have a good idea of what a smart generator manufacturing company looks like. They will be dealing with the components and control panels and talking about the finer points of economy and performance. When you are looking for a generator for sale, shop where you get the most professional advice and expertise!

Of course, because we can very accurately determine what we need a generator to do for us, shopping for a generator for sale today can be a far more successful and rewarding exercise, especially if you are shopping with the geeks, the generator nuts, the guys who live and breathe these machines every day. In fact, you should only be shopping with generator fundis, because as soon as you step away from that echelon, you get closer and closer to one-size-fits-all offers, and unfortunately with generators, one size does not fit all. To avoid making the classic mistake of an ill-fitting generator unsuited to your needs – something which, by now, South Africa should be well past – take a moment, ask some questions, and you will soon see who the real boffins are.


Come to PacB When You Are Shopping for Generators for Sale

At PacB, we have made professional power our forte, and we make world-class generators, components, and control panels. We have equipped businesses large and small – sometimes utility-sized large – and we regularly manufacture components for all the world’s top industrial generator brands. We take a different approach to your power needs, first establishing exactly what you require, and then putting it together, rather than trying to sell you something we have in stock. Of course, from available generators for sale, there might be something ideal for you, but let us pinpoint ideal, and you will not go wrong.

We also offer a range of vetted used generators for sale, helping our clients keep costs low while picking up on great machines. When you are looking at the available generators for sale, you need someone who knows their performance from long experience. PacB’s expertise lies in being able to give you precise intel on alternative power, because we build generators, we service them, we design them and redesign them, and we build exceptionally smart control panels to run them. You really want to choose from available generators for sale with a pro in your pocket. Call on us at PacB, and we will steer you right.

Our qualified technicians offer support and advice in the selection of the right power solution for your needs by calculating your power requirements.

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