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Who Manufactures FAW Generators?

FAW generators are Chinese-manufactured products available in the South African generator market. FAW is an acronym for First Automobile Works – a Chinese state-owned automotive manufacturing company which also produces generators as part of its product lineup. In October 2017, FAW took a significant step by integrating various entities under the umbrella of FAWDE, FAW Diesel Engine Works, with FAW Jiefang Automotive Company as the primary company. This involved the integration of DEUTZ (Dalian) Diesel Engine Co., LTD, Wuxi Fuel Injection Equipment Research Institute FAW, and FAW R&D Centre. FAWDE now serves as a crucial business unit within FAW’s commercial vehicle division and operates as a prominent research and production base for heavy, medium, and light engines used by the Jiefang company.

FAWDE is situated in Wuxi, Changchun. Spanning a total area production area of 870,000 square meters, the division boasts a workforce of over 5400 employees. FAWDE’s main product offerings include diesel engines, petrol engines, spare parts, remanufactured products, and common rail diesel injection systems. FAWDE produces diesel engines for generator sets, forklifts, farm equipment, water pumps, and trucks. The company was formed in 1943 and became part of the FAW Group in 1992. They produce around 150,000 diesel engines annually.

Since its establishment, FAWDE has successfully developed a robust research and development programme, in several locations in Wuxi and Changchun. Additionally, the company’s “five mechanisms for technological innovation” initiative and holistic R&D approach that integrates procurement, market analysis, quality control, cost management, and process optimisation put the company on the leading edge of diesel engine technology.

As a result, FAWDE has achieved independent development capabilities for engines and has received several national accolades for progress in science and technology. FAWDE has also established the first pilot demonstration plant based on the “intelligent manufacturing” principle.


Why Choose a FAW Generator?

Chinese manufacturers have shifted their focus towards producing high-value products, emphasising sector-leading brands and leveraging cutting-edge technology. Over the past two decades, the Chinese manufacturing industry has undergone significant advancements, moving away from its previous reputation of offering cheap and low-quality products. This progress aligns with the Chinese government’s initiative, “Made in China 2025,” which aims to transform the nation into a proficient, innovative, and environmentally conscious global manufacturing powerhouse by the year 2025.

The mobile phone industry in China serves as a prime example of this transformation. Notably, brands like Huawei, which had initially entered the global market with little fanfare, are now challenging well-established brands, such as Apple and Samsung. These Chinese manufacturers are establishing China’s reputation as a nation that values product quality and innovation. FAW generators exemplify this philosophy, as they are the result of years of experience and technological advancement, offering reliable and technologically advanced products.

While Chinese products continue to remain highly cost-competitive, their approach has evolved from a low-quality, cheap-by-design model to one that prioritises volume, productivity, and efficiency, leading to a cost differential without compromising on quality. This shift reflects the country’s commitment to enhancing the overall value and appeal of products made in China. Consequently, FAW generators are known for their reliability and durability. They offer a wide range of power-output capacities suitable for various applications, including residential, commercial, and industrial use.

FAW generators are designed to provide a stable and consistent power supply during power outages or in remote areas where grid electricity is unavailable. FAW generators are available in both diesel-powered and petrol-powered engines and may also come equipped with advanced features like automatic start/stop, remote monitoring, and noise-attenuation technologies.


Solutions for Most Applications

FAW generators come in a diverse range of capacities and can be tailored to meet most application-specific requirements – from units suitable for individual residences to industrial machines capable of powering industrial production facilities. The FAW generator lineup caters to critical industries in the electric power-provision arena. Whether it’s standby generation for manufacturing facilities, offices, or shopping centres, or backup power for crucial medical facilities and Information-technology hubs, FAW generators are able to provide a solution.

For remote areas lacking grid connections, FAW provides units for prime power generation, ensuring continuous and reliable power. These generators offer the peace of mind derived from extensive real-world use across a global install base of over 100 countries. FAW generators benefit from the support of a global network of distributors and dealers, ensuring easy access to spares, repairs, and maintenance.


FAW Generators – Cost-Effective Quality

FAW’s line of engines boasts cutting-edge technology, ensuring their reliability, and benefitting from the global recognition of the FAW brand. Leveraging their extensive experience in manufacturing heavy trucks and commercial vehicles, FAW translates this expertise into the generator sector, delivering high-quality FAW generators at competitive price points. Notably, FAW generators within the 13 kVA to 150 kVA size range present one of the most cost-effective options available in the South African market.

Whether for home, business, or industrial use, FAW offers a diverse range of generators perfectly suited to meet various needs. These gensets are particularly appealing to buyers seeking reliable standby or backup power solutions on a tight budget. FAW generators are available for both single- and three-phase applications, and for sites where noise reduction is crucial, they can be supplied with super silent enclosures.

Customers can rest assured as these units come with comprehensive and dependable warranties. Additionally, FAW engines are equipped with advanced protection systems, including high-temperature, low-oil, water, and fuel protection, effectively safeguarding the engine against potential damage. This emphasis on durability and reliability ensures that FAW generators provide peace of mind and uninterrupted power when needed, at an affordable price point.


South African Power-Generation Leaders Supply FAW Generators

At PacB, we are renowned in the Southern African power-provision industry. We support FAW generators. When dealing with the specification of diesel gensets, whether for residential or industrial use, it necessitates specialised expertise in determining factors, such as unit size, fuel type, noise reduction, system setup, and the use of programmable logic controllers (PLCs). All these factors need to be thoroughly understood and matched to site-specific electrical architecture and requirements. We have expertise in the design and manufacture of generator control systems, including AMF (Automatic Mains Failure) and ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) systems.

We have expert knowledge and experience of all the main controller brands used in the industry. Initially, we focused on the production of large, commercial, and industrial generators, but have also grown into an industry expert in renewable power generation. Contact us today to get powered up.


Our qualified technicians offer support and advice in the selection of the right power solution for your needs by calculating your power requirements.

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