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Who to Contact for Comprehensive Generator Sales

Now, in the latter part of 2020, there’s still no meaningful let-up in the sales of generators in South Africa, despite the most valiant efforts of the new Eskom top management team, who appear to be doing everything possible to keep the lights on and the wheels of commerce and industry turning.

Network Failures

At the moment, it seems that network failures are at the root of numerous breakdowns in the national electricity provider’s ability to supply power to the nation. So, all is far from well yet, that is, unless you’re involved in the generator sales field. Unfortunately, while there is no load shedding currently (touch wood), this can change with very little notice.

A Long, Long Powerless Wait

Depending on the nature, complexity and location of a network failure, you may be left without electricity for 12 hours or even longer. That’s a long, long time to wait for technicians to troubleshoot, effect repairs and restore power, without having any idea about when the lights will come on again. Without having a generator on-site, installed as a back-up (or permanent) system, you will literally remain powerless. That’s primarily why generator sales continue, virtually unabated.

Moreover, South Africans have been told on numerous occasions that planned and unplanned outages are likely to occur periodically and for the foreseeable future. This is because the generation and supply of electricity remain under strain; reliability cannot be assured or guaranteed. To boot, criminal actions, such as cable theft and deliberate vandalism also take place, making the situation infinitely worse.

Invest in a Generator

The long and the short of the matter is this. If you’re dependent on a constant, reliable source of electricity, you should invest in a generator, irrespective of whether you buy a new unit, a professionally inspected and tested pre-used unit, or you hire a power-producing system.   

Certain industries simply must have a consistent supply of electricity that operates their process and/or production line, which cannot be interrupted without causing damage or complete loss. Most of these organisations that are connected to the electricity grid also have back-up generators that automatically take over the electricity supply if the grid fails, chiefly to protect their products and processes.

Businesses situated in really remote areas, currently beyond Eskom’s considerable reach, are 100% reliant on their own power sets’ generating capacity. If the necessary infrastructure is in place, they may also get their electricity from alternative generating sources, such as wind or solar power. Nonetheless, installation of a petrol or diesel generator is currently the most cost-effective, quickest solution to power woes. 

Before Buying a Generator 

One cannot just walk into the showroom of a supplier who advertises generators for sale, pick a unit that appears capable, pay for it and take the unit away to where it’s needed, connect a few wires and plugs, put fuel in its fuel tank, switch it on and expect the unit to perform – voilà – lights on again. It just doesn’t work that way, nor is guesswork good enough – not when you’re dealing with electricity.

Unless you have the knowledge and expertise in this seemingly simple, but actually complex field, you need the assistance of a competent consultant or salesperson, who will help you to establish which power set will meet your individual needs. This may necessitate an on-site consultation and assessment, particularly if an industrial diesel generator set is required.

  • Is the generator to be the sole source of electricity, or is it required for back-up power when the mains supply fails?
  • Average expected running time, if not constant
  • Automatic or manual switch-on when power from the grid becomes unavailable
  • What is the type of application – residential, industrial, agricultural, or commercial/corporate?
  • Best position for the installation
  • Noise factor
  • In the event of the mains electricity failure, is the unit required to supply power to all points in the building or plant, or only to certain key functions or points, i.e. as an “emergency” supply intended for only the most critical elements or appliances?
  • Establish required capacity, plus add on an extra margin to ensure that the system is able to operate safely at its maximum capacity, without over-extending or straining its rated capability

Before you go ahead and make that purchase, these are only a few factors that should be considered when one wants to acquire an off the grid power replacement unit as a reliable alternative. Keep in mind that after buying a generator, it must be installed professionally to ensure that the installation complies with the manufacturer’s specifications in addition to the relevant rules and regulations that are in place.

Maintenance and More

Once the set is installed, up and operating, refuelling, as well as periodic service and maintenance, will be necessary. Monitoring of the system is advisable. In the case of industrial diesel power sets, such functions can only take place on-site, so it’s best to buy your system from a manufacturer or supplier who has the ability and trained technical teams to conduct inspections, service, maintenance and, if necessary, repairs on-site, at your premises.

In Qualified, Experienced Hands

If you are dealing with the PacB Group’s PacB Power Solutions division, you’re in truly competent, qualified and experienced hands. We’re well-known and highly respected in our industry, as a manufacturer and supplier of premium quality industrial diesel generators, matchless uninterrupted power supplies (UPS), state-of-the-art renewable energy solutions (solar panel systems), and dependable rental services.

Our PacB Power Solutions group company takes care of sales and rentals of new and/or pre-owned generators, plus the allied products and professional services in which we specialise.

Extending Across the Continent

Our head office is situated in Silvertondale, a suburb in the northern Pretoria area, but sales of our products, installations and associated services extend across the African Continent. Within our Group, we also have PacB Global, which focuses on the Group’s global trade, including the import and export of components used in power set manufacturing, the supply of UPS/batteries, plus various renewable power products.

You’ll also find PacB Companies and representatives in Bela-Bela, Limpopo, Malawi, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. There’s light and reliable electricity at the end of the tunnel – if you contact PacB Group for your electricity-generating power and associated sales and operational solutions.

Our qualified technicians offer support and advice in the selection of the right power solution for your needs by calculating your power requirements.

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