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Why Buy if You Can Hire an Industrial Generator?

There are many industries that are obliged to maintain a permanent, in-house source of electricity, either as a means to augment the power of the mains supply to provide an emergency backup supply in the event of a mains outage, or because no mains electricity is available at their location. In addition, there can also be situations in which such requirements are merely temporary. In such circumstances, the answer could be to hire an industrial generator for as long as it is actually needed. In practice, there are a number of very good reasons why it can often be a better idea to adopt this option rather than going to the expense of purchasing a new genset outright.

Firstly, any company that offers this type of facility is likely to have the well-trained and experienced technical staff needed to ensure you get the most suitable unit for the intended task. This will also ensure that it is installed correctly and that even though you may have chosen to hire an industrial generator, rather than purchasing one, you will still receive all of the professional support you may require to ensure it continues to function with maximum efficiency. However, before you commit to any agreement, it will be wise to check that the hiring company is, indeed, able to comply with these requirements.

Any company involved in the renting of equipment must rely on quality products not only for its reputation, but to ensure profitability. So, when you hire an industrial generator from a reputable company, you should be assured of receiving a machine that is in an above-average condition, as the supplier will certainly not want to erode profits due to costly repairs to a defective genset.

Choosing a machine that will be of the correct size to fully meet the power demands of a given operation can be crucial to both safety and productivity. Once again, it is in the interest of a rental company to conduct a thorough assessment of a company’s power needs, so as to ensure the hire of whichever model of industrial generator will prove to be best suited to the client’s particular application. Running a machine that is significantly underpowered or overpowered could have serious consequences. Also, if the unit is to be seamlessly integrated into a multi-unit array, a connection to a computerised control panel might be required.

In the field of power generation, as in many other technical fields, advances in technology are becoming increasingly frequent and have, on occasions, even led to a new purchase becoming prematurely obsolete. However, when you decide to hire an industrial generator, you can normally be assured that you will be gaining access to the most recent technology available while also avoiding the need to commit to a purchase.

In the short term, of course, a rental agreement can be a lot cheaper than investing in a new machine, and can be funded from the operating budget rather than calling for capital investment. For example, it could be the ideal option for a construction company that may, sometimes, need to provide on-site power to a project for just a few weeks. Rather than keeping a spare machine in mothballs for those odd  times when it may be needed, it makes far more sense just to hire an industrial generator for a short period when the occasion arises.

With a choice of either free-standing or trailer-mounted units configured for three-phase or single plugs, PacB Group has added the option to hire an industrial generator for those who prefer the option of a fixed monthly expense rather than burdening the annual budget with a capital purchase. The company undertakes to provide silent-running units along with all safety gear, signage, and an automatic changeover panel along with the expert on-site support of the group’s highly-trained and experienced technical staff.


Our qualified technicians offer support and advice in the selection of the right power solution for your needs by calculating your power requirements.

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