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What to Consider Before You Hire a Generator for Your Industrial or Commercial Setup

Electricity is required for any type of industrial operation. The amount of power needed, however, differs from on operational setup to another. Without power, the business will lose production and income. Whether businesses operate in retail, office, or industrial setups, backup power for in case power interruptions is essential. Before a business can hire a […]

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Four Factors to Consider When Selecting a Business-Critical UPS System

Power interruptions are associated with the loss of production at industrial plants or inability of large retail centres to stay open because lights are not working, lifts are out of order, and HVAC systems are down. Data centres normally have advanced UPS systems installed to ensure uninterrupted power supply to prevent damage to the servers […]

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How Clients Benefit from Our Expertise in Manufacturing and Generator Monitoring

As an experienced and well-known manufacturer of industrial generators, we realise the importance of offering more than just generators for sale. Our clients often require installation, commissioning, monitoring, and servicing of their industrial generators. We have offered these to our existing clients for years. However, realising that most new clients need the same services, we […]

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What to Consider When Shopping for An Industrial Generator for Sale

Browsing for a generator for sale suitable for home use or light farm work is completely different to shopping for an industrial generator for sale. In the latter instance, it is essential to match the generator with the demands of the industrial facility. It is not as simple as just going and choosing a generator […]

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For a More Eco-friendly Energy Source, Consider fitting Solar Panels

Mankind’s hunger for electrical power has never ceased to grow and, with it, the belief that burning fossil fuels such as coal and oil would remain a dependable means to generate electricity until a viable alternative was developed. In practice, though several such alternatives already exist, the world’s major suppliers have proved reluctant to forsake […]

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To Avoid a Costly Capital Purchase, Consider Generator Rental

The British scientist, Michael Faraday, first perfected the basics of generating electricity during the early 1830s. Released from dependence upon chemical batteries, and no longer limited to the telegraph office, the demand for electrical power, both by industry and individuals, has continued to grow by leaps and bounds.

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